Snowflake Series: How to Study for SnowPro Core

At least, how I studied for the exam well enough to pass.

Go to the link below and enroll for the course and download the study guide. What I did was to read through the study guide and for each section I would follow all the links and print any or all documents I could for each section.

(go and do this)

So, e.g. for the section titled so and so I printed as many of the sections as I could and for which I thought I needed.

Otherwise, I also studied as much as I needed for all the material and did any or all suggested exam prep in the guide except I didn't really pay for anything.

I did have some costs bc I bought a printer and the paper. I bound the paper into 3 large binders. Each was really big and heavy and I would read through the material over and over.

Snowflake Core Study Guide

The other notable thing I did was to sign up for a free account. I recommend you set up a resource monitor on your account to limit any accidental spends (it costed me around $75 to learn that lesson so this post is possibly worth that much to you and if you want you can tip me at (btc address).

Some Advantage I Had

For one thing, I studied for months for this test first by opening a Snowflake account, then by going through guides on my own to setup tables and load some data. In my case, I found some voter data from the state that was free and loaded that. You don't need to do that, you could just go to the test database that Snowflake provides (link here).

But be careful because if you run the wrong test script you could end up spending a lot of money. I recommend staying away from those test scripts because they will start up super huge warehouses and lots of data and cost a lot of money in a few minutes.

Hopefully, you also setup your resource monitor.

I have a lot of experience as a database developer and architect so that probably helped. But for the most part I would say the test is pretty much specific to Snowflake and Snowflake architecture, so really what matters more is probably that I went through the material so many times.

I already knew SQL very well and have worked in Oracle over 20 years and MySQL probably over 10. I have some exposure to other MPP systems - Teradata and Netezza, so making the leap to Snowflake's architecture wasn't huge. But again, I'm not sure how much any of that really had to do with understanding Snowflake so I would say if you read the study guide and all the links in it and understand it all well AND go do any courses that are free using a free Snowflake account then you will do well on the test.

If you want to go further, there is paid training but I can't make a specific recommendation for Snowflake. 

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