Welcome! My name is Marcus Diaz.I can show you how to use cloud and data-driven tech to increase revenue and cut costs.For CTO Consulting, Data Engineering or Web Development contact me!

Enterprise clients may reach me at Factspan.

Or contact me here or DigitalMation.

web designer

Building data-driven pipelines using AWS and and Snowflake

Data ModelingETL / ELTData WarehousingEvent Driven ArchitectureCloud MigrationOracle to Snowflake Migrations

web designer
I built this site using Gatsby -- the React framework -- along with Tailwind CSS for styling. The site runs serverless on AWS alongside Webiny, a severless, self-hosted open-source CMS running in AWS using Lambda and DynamoDB.

Web DevelopmentEvent Driven Application DevelopmentReact - GatsbyAWSJavascript / NodeJSPythonGolang

web designer